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1 year ago

Increasing Popularity Of The Recruitment Process Outsourcing Company Today

Since the late 90s, the corporate industry has mushroomed. Increasing numbers of businesses are coming and competing in the market. This increase of corporate sector across the world has created demands for skilled professionals that can handle wide varieties of tasks associated with a company. However, it is not so easy to find the highly skilled workers. It is because of this reason that recruitment often becomes challenging. The company owners have to face a hard time in getting the right candidate suitable for the vacant roles they have in their companies.

The Most Effective Decision:

In order to survive in the competition, it is crucial to find skilled people. Since recruitment is challenging and time consuming, most business owners consider outsourcing the service. A Recruitment Process Outsourcing Company.has grown in popularity today. These companies look after the requirements of the client companies and they handle the entire process of recruitment. Hence, outsourcing is one of the most effective decisions by any company. Companies are often at a loss when it comes to the assessment and selection of the right candidates. However, the outsourced companies can help them in fulfilling their objectives. If you go for the same, you can also look forward to building a large pool of talents.

Concentrate On Core Competencies:

It is crucial to note that the outsourced companies operate on a basic philosophy. The business owners should concentrate on core competencies instead of wasting time on the lengthy process of recruitment. They should take care of the requirements of their customers, while everything else including the recruitment of an HR to a cleaner should be left to the outsourced companies. The company can include the basic element of recruitment from resource management to the sourcing strategy. The provider can focus only on the recruitment process.

Specifying Your Requirements:

Before outsourcing the task of recruitment, you can talk to a Recruitment Consultant.The professional will understand your requirements, and they will start the search process accordingly. You will not have to bother about anything because the consultants are experienced and they will clearly understand the nature of your business. As a result, it will be easy for you to get the best. You will also be happy to know that it will be cost-effective to recruit employees through RPO firms. Therefore, do not delay any more. It is time to find out the best for your company.

The One Percent one of the leading Recruitment Process Outsourcing USA, UK, India providing Best staffing and Human Resource Outsourcing services and solutions to all the Industries across the world.

1 year ago

RPO Solutions USA Can Reduce Your Worries And Headaches

It is obvious that as a business owner, you want to bring the most prospective and eligible candidates to your organization. After all, they play a great role in ensuring that your business earns huge revenue. Human resource is the focal core of a strong organization. As a business owner, you require a powerful strategy to ensure that you have the brightest talents in the market. Successful business owners also recognize the value of getting some of the most efficient staffs. However, reaching this accomplishment is often not easy, and involves lots of operational expenses.

Efficient Recruitment Strategies:

Hiring companies have to use efficient strategies in order to select the best candidates. It is because of this reason that the popularity of RPO Solutions USA.has increased. Most companies, big or small outsource the complete or partial tasks of recruitment to the service providers. The outsourced companies specialize only in recruitment. As a result, they have the skilled staffs that can employ the right strategies for recruitment. Accordingly, they are expert in selecting the most eligible candidates, as per the needs of their clients. When you go for the same process of outsourcing, you can also have complete relief to know that the recruitment process will be handled by them.

Flexibility In Services:

It goes without saying that the human resource industry is constantly growing, and there are various tasks that the department has to handle. If you do not have adequate staffs to manage the HR department, the HRO Services the ultimate solution for you. They are capable of handling any challenges. In addition to that, they can cut the overall cost of operation, improve the HR efficiencies, increase productivity and motivate staffs. They are highly flexible in offering their services due to which you and your company will benefit to a great extent.

Temporary And Permanent Placement:

When you look for RPO Services India, you can expect to get two different types of services. These can be either temporary or permanent placement. In fact, the degree of services they provide, the fees, their sourcing and contracting agreement might vary. It is wise to enquire everything in advance and make sure that the company is capable of meeting your needs. On the basis of that, you can hire the company for managing the recruitment and HR for you. Careful study and thought along with encompassing the vital aspects will help in getting the best.

The One Percent one the Leading Recruitment Process Outsourcing firm offers demonstrated experience in delivering cost-effective RPO Solutions, HRO Services, RPO Services.that enable to successfully recruit, evaluates, and acquires a talented and motivated workforce for clients.

1 year ago

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services Can Bring Outstanding Benefits To Your Business

Your company frequently requires new employees in different departments. While some are required permanently, others are required for a temporary phase. In any case, handling the entire process of recruitment is not an easy job. Right from placing an ad, shortlisting candidate, calling for interviews and making the final selection, there are several steps involved in the entire process. Many companies have a recruitment section right in the office while others prefer outsourcing it. In fact, outsourcing is often considered to be the most feasible option because they do not have to take the hassle of recruitment.

Specify Your Requirements:

If you are looking forward to hiring some candidates, and you do not want to take any hassle, you can go for Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services.It is one of the best options that you can avail in order to get the best candidates. There are several companies offering these services. You will have to specify your requirements regarding the eligibility of the candidates and the role. On the basis of that, the outsourced company will do all the tasks on your behalf. You will just have to take the final interview of the shortlisted candidate and select the best among them.

Outsourcing Some Or All Process:

It is up to you to decide whether you want to outsource the entire process of recruitment or only a partial part. You can determine anything that is suitable for your business. With the professional Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services can be assured that you can focus on other crucial aspects of business instead of spending time on hiring candidates. Some companies also offer HR services along with recruitment which means that they will also handle the entire HR processes. Therefore, it can help you breathe a sigh of relief.

Fit For Your Business:

Since the market is flooded with companies offering outsourcing services, you might often feel overwhelmed in the selection. However, make sure that you choose the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services India that fits your business in the best way. The company will fully understand your requirements, and offer you the most appropriate solution. Workforce is valuable for any organization. These companies will help you in forming the workforce by means of which you can increase the efficiency and productivity of your organization. Try to consider the outsourced company as a part of your company, and you will be satisfied with the services that you get.

The One Percent is a leading global provider of Recruitment Process outsourcing service company offices in INDIA.providing services worldwide for all Industries like Medical, Healthcare, IT, Technology and others with cost effective solutions.

2 years ago

A Recruiting Process Outsourcing Company Provides Comprehensive Hiring Solutions

A Recruiting Process Outsourcing Company Provides Comprehensive Hiring Solutions

The employees of a company are its driving force. It is their efficiency, motivation and hard work that ensure success and progress of your enterprise from strength to strength. Companies spend a huge amount of money to recruit and retain employees for this very reason. But, they often end up offering positions o the wrong people. They might face difficulties in appropriate candidate sourcing. They might not be able to attract adequate number of valid applications for their openings. They might fall short of conducting effective screening and interviewing procedures to bring out the best in the candidates as well as bring forth the most deserving candidate for a post. An effectual hiring process requires a systematic and categorical approach.


Handling recruitment issues

Getting services of a Recruiting Process Outsourcing Company might be the answer to the above-stated issues. These firms and agencies are specialized in the field of conducting recruitment procedures for different types of enterprises for various job positions. They follow well-devised plans and procedures to go about the entire hiring process. A good recruitment agency would assist you in the entire course of recruitment at various levels and stages. From advertising your vacancy and sourcing of applicants to conducting background checks, tests and interviews and final selection, a recruitment agency may be hired to provide you with a comprehensive support for your recruitment needs.


Use of networking

A Recruitment consultant or agency carries out the task of recruitment in a number of systematic and well-formulated steps. They employ traditional as well as unique ways to seek, test and screen candidates for a wide array of jobs responsibilities and positions. Being in the market for a considerable period, reputed consultancy firms have well-established and wide spread networks across different industries and companies. Their networks connect them to industrial conferences, job fairs and expos, educational campuses, social media platforms and other recruitment agencies. This networking helps in spreading awareness among prospective job aspirants about different available openings. It helps in drawing the attraction of more applications than before.


All round support

Executing the process of recruitment effectively and efficiently is important to ensure your company has on board the most eligible and dynamic personnel for different job roles. Firms those offer recruitment consultancy services take care of the entire recruitment process of your company by executing key tasks like the management of interview and testing processes, communicating with candidates and spreading job awareness through networking and social media platforms and administering background and reference checks of the applicants.


The One Percent one of the leading Recruitment Process Outsourcing Company in USA, UK, India providing Best staffing and Human Resource Outsourcing services and solutions to all the Industries across the world. A Recruiting Process Outsourcing Company Provides Comprehensive Hiring Solutions The employees of a company are its driving force. It is their efficiency, motivation and hard work that ensure success and progress of your enterprise from strength to strength. Recruitment consultant Recruitment Process Outsourcing Company.

2 years ago

Take Advantage Of Staffing Solutions Provided By RPO Agencies

The growth of a company always depends on the dedication and expertise of its staff. Every company faces the problem of attrition when talented staff leaves the company for various reasons. It becomes very difficult to find replacements for these vacant posts at a short notice. The productivity of the company suffers as long as there is no one available to fill these posts. It becomes vital for the company to fill up vacancy with a suitable candidate as soon as possible. The internal recruitment department which is the Human Resource department has to work overtime to do this job.

Alternative to DIY recruitment

The best alternative for the company is to outsource this recruitment job to external bodies that have the perfect Staffing Solutions. for recruiting fresh talent from a pool of probable candidates. A huge infrastructure and database are required to recruit the talent you need for your company. Most of the companies lack this infrastructure or the manpower to do the job on its own. The companies that deal with Recruitment Process outsourcing are the ideal people to whom you can hand over the process of recruiting fresh talent. It helps to shift a large volume of the workload out of the company into expert hands.

Filling up of posts

The RPO companies that can act as the Staffing Agency. for your company can provide some benefits for your company. One of these benefits is that you will be able to fill up the posts that have fallen vacant 20 to 40 percent faster. The workload of the internal departments for recruiting new staff will get reduced by 35 to 65 percent thus giving them more time to work on other important matters. Since the work is being done by a different organization, your overheads for the recruitment process can also get reduced by 145 to 35 percent.

Details of recruitment process

The RPO agencies will discuss with you and find out your business requirements. They will do the job of procuring CVS from suitable candidates, interview and select them. They will negotiate on your behalf and offer jobs to the right candidates. After the candidate joins your company the same companies will follow up with candidates and find out if the job is what they were looking for. They will discuss with you regarding the expectations of the new candidates. In this way, early attritions will come down by 10 to 20 percent and the chances of posts falling vacant for long periods of time will not be there anymore.

The One Percent specialized is a Staffing Solutions. which meet all your staffing Solutions and quickly filling vacancies with qualified and diverse candidates.

2 years ago

Advantages Of IT Recruitment Process Outsourcing For Business Houses

Human asset is the backbone of any industry, and IT industry cannot be an exception. In today's fierce competition between various companies to reach the top of highly skilled workforce, makes all the difference between winning and losing. You may have huge pool of extremely talented and trained manpower, but if you are not able to utilize them properly, then it is of no use keeping them. After globalization, talented and skilled people are free to choose their place of work in any corner of the globe. The prime target is to get them to work for you.

Outsourcing the process to experts

Getting the right talent to your doorstep is the job of IT Recruitment Process Outsourcing.It is this concept that is driving many companies to use their experience and knowledge in acquisition of talented people, and giving them fresh opportunities where they can work better. These companies are using sophisticated solutions that can be used to optimize the recruitment process. They are committed to providing solutions that are cost effective as well as allow you to retain more people and increase the productivity of your organization.

Effects of RPO on the industry

Posts become vacant when talented people move to fresh pastures. Finding suitable candidates to fill these posts sometimes become real headache. You can reduce the time needed to fill vacant posts by almost 20 to 40 percent if you take the help of IT hire fresh talent. A lot of effort is needed by internal staff of a company to recruit fresh talent. When you hand over the job of recruitment to a company, you will find that the effort of internal staff have been reduced by 35 to 65 percent. Similarly, people you have hired through RPO organizations will stay back with you for longer periods before they move out.

Recruitment process and overheads

Early attritions can be decreased by 10 to 20 percent. Overheads for recruiting process can also be reduced by 15 to 30 percent. The solutions provided by these RPO companies include solutions that evaluate the applicants and hire quality personnel within a short period. The RPO companies discuss your requirements with you, identify the probable candidates, screen and interview the applicants. Based on the results of the inter they offer the suitable posts to the applicants. They also negotiate with the candidates on your behalf and follow up by finding out whether the applicant has settled down in his new role.

The One Percent specialized in Information Technology and Recruitment Process Outsourcing. services.If you are looking for the next opportunity in IT we will get in touch with you.

2 years ago

Build A Formidable Workforce With The Help Of Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services

Build A Formidable Workforce With The Help Of Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services

The success of your company depends heavily on the workforce you have among other important aspects. Having on board talented, prudent and motivated individuals working for you may ensure efficient running of your enterprise and its activities. But, the hiring process of personnel for your company may be a tricky task. You might be an expert in your trade and know how to take your business forward and reach new heights with it. Bprocess of personnel for your company may be a tricky task. You might be an expert in your trade and know how to take your business forward and reach new heights with it. ut you might find it difficult to analyze which individual is best suited for a role in your company. The process of recruiting and hiring employees is a highly systematic and specified job. Conduction of tests, interviews and group discussions as per requirements of the job profile calls for a categorical approach.

Execution of hiring process

A lot of preparation goes into designing test modules, interview and other stages of the recruitment process. Not only does a recruiter have to take care of these aspects, it is also important to manage the logistics of a recruitment process. Often a job opening attracts hundreds of application from aspirants. It may be a taxing job to receive, go through, evaluate and shortlist the applications. It may also be a demanding job to arrange appropriate provisions for conducting effectual recruitment process. As a solution to these and all other recruitment issues, you might seek Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services.

Outsourcing the recruitment process

There are agencies and consultancies those carry out the entire recruitment process of your company. They have a systematic and fool-proof approach towards evaluating and selecting the right candidates for your company. These firms employ several established as well as innovative methods to search for and find manpower suitable for a wide array of roles and responsibilities, while channelizing them to their most appropriate job domain. Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services UK also maintains strategic partnerships with educational institutes and training schools, from where they pick fresh pass outs to fit into various jobs.

A systematic approach

Hiring an agency that provides Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services INDIA will allow effective execution of your recruitment campaign. These agencies have several avenues to source and pre-screen candidates as per your requirements. They make use of social media websites to do a background check on the applicants. They also use online portals and databases to have access to a wide pool of eligible candidates. The recruitment agencies may also have a referrals framework based on incentives those provide for reliable and high-quality talent acquirement. A good and reputable recruitment agency may ensure you the best candidates for your company’s workforce.

The One Percent is a leading global provider of Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services INDIA providing services worldwide for all Industries like Medical, Healthcare, IT, Technology and others with cost effective solutions.

2 years ago

Both Companies And Job Seekers Can Avail Services Of Healthcare Recruiters

Finding suitable personnel for your medical or health care facility may be a tough job. You may be a medical practitioner or the owner of a clinic, hospital or nursing home. You need staffs in various capacities for the smooth running of your facility. You may be efficient and adept in medical work. However, you may find it difficult to handle and manage an entire recruitment process with the same efficiency. You may end up recruiting the wrong persons for specialized jobs. Your efforts might not be enough to spread awareness about the jobs you have on offer among suitable aspirants. In an attempt to conduct a recruitment procedure, you might be compromising on your primary job that is to cater to the needs of the patient.

Outsourcing recruitment processes

It is wise to outsource the duty of recruitment to specialists who are equipped and efficient in handling the entire hiring process. You can get in touch with established Healthcare Recruiters.for an exhaustive solution to all your staffing issues. A voluminous preparation and effort go into organizing an effective recruitment procedure. Consultancies take care of not only the tests, interviews and the selection processes, but also of advertising job vacancies, networking and communicating with aspirants and conducting background checks and verifying referrals.

Sourcing of talent

During Healthcare Recruitment Process Outsourcing, clients may choose among a number of service options offered by a recruitment consultancy. There are provisions for introducing appropriate aspirants to clients for a particular job profile. The consultancy firms have wide spread and premium access to various online databases. They act as an effective connection between job aspirants and companies. Recruitment with the help of databases can attract a huge pool of applications for a job and provide the recruiter with an ample number of eligible applicants to choose from. An agency may also assist you in recruitments that are discreet. You may want to pursue candidates with some exact attributes those you require for the job opening. Often these openings are for a high management or administrative post.

The next step in your career

Not only recruiters, but those who are searching for jobs may also avail the assistance and services of HRO Solution USA.If you are a doctor, a nurse or related to the medical profession in any way, you can find the next step of your career with the help of healthcare recruitment agencies. Whether you are looking for a permanent, part-time or an ad-hoc job, a recruiting agency can find the best career opportunity for you.

The One percent is one the experience HRO Solution Company Usa specialises in Healthcare Recruiters.Healthcare Recruiters for public and private healthcare sectors across all grades and specialties.

2 years ago

It Recruitment Process Outsourcing For The Most Unique Products

Every information technology company is unique because this is a technical era, and constant new products are always appreciated. A company that brings out the most unique product always gets the opportunity to move ahead in the pool of competition. If you want your business to be profitable, you will have to hire staffs that will design unique products and stand out in the market. Information technology is undoubtedly a crucial part of every business in today’s era. Therefore, you should also give emphasis on the best development of the IT sector by hiring some of the most experienced and knowledgeable staffs in this field.

Outsourcing Is A Better Choice:

If you are unable to manage the entire process of recruitment of some of the most talented and skilled professional, outsourcing is the most viable solution. In fact, today, there are many companies that choose IT Recruitment Process Outsourcing because it not only helps in getting relief from the hassles, but also saves lots of extra expenses. Moreover, you can employ outsourced services only when the need arises, and you have to pay money only for the requirements. As a result, it will help in reducing lots of expenses and you can use the vast knowledge of the IT experts.

Enhanced Quality Services:

When you outsource these services, you can expect that the firms will offer performance reports and measurements. They will also conduct effective communication by means of which they can understand your requirements and improve the performance of the business, as a whole. They will also ensure that the resources are not misused. The combination of these things will always help you get access to the best, and you can benefit from it to a great extent. They will also drive budgeting and planning in the best way possible.

Solving Your Needs:

The IT Recruiters are always there to solve your needs. Regardless of whether you want candidates or jobs as IT professionals, you can be certain that these recruiters act as middlemen and thereby help both the parties through the entire recruitment process. As a result, you should always make efforts in finding the best recruiter that will understand your requirements in any way, and give you the best solution, as a whole. Consequently, you will end up getting satisfied, and nothing can be better than this. Do not wait any more. It is time to get in touch with the best recruiters.

The One Percent specialized in Information Technology Recruitment and Outsource services. If you are looking for the next opportunity in IT we will get in touch with you.

2 years ago

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Company Plays Various Roles On Different Sides

Recruitment process outsourcing is one of the fastest growing business models in today’s date. You will come across lots of businesses that are outsourcing the recruitment services to external companies. These third party companies are managing the entire requirements of their clients in terms of recruiting the best candidates suitable for the vacant roles. Hence, if you want, you can also outsource the recruitment sector to a Recruitment Process Outsourcing Company. You can hire a reputed company that specializes in applicant tracking and recruiting, as per the needs of your company. If you want, you can also perfectly replace the human resource department by outsourcing because it is an excellent way to save hassle and money.

Expanding Pool Of Potential Applicants:

Since the job market is contracting, the pool of potential applicants is gradually increasing. Not all these candidates are qualified enough to suit the vacant role in your company. However, when you have outsourced the recruitment, you can be rest assured that the professionals will handle this task. The professionals associated with these companies will identify the qualified applicants and train them in such a way so that they are a perfect fit for your company. Consequently, you will no longer be bogged down with big databases, resumes and per-screening interviews.

Finding A Job:

On the flip side, if you are a candidate looking for a job suited to your qualifications and skill, you might not be aware of all the vacancies in the market. In such a situation, it is wise to get in touch with a Recruitment Consultant. The consulting firms will check your resume and your qualification. They will also match your skills with the vacant roles in different companies and will prepare you with training and pre-screening process. If they find you appropriate, they will forward your resume directly to the company hiring candidates like you.

Stay In Regular Touch:

Due to the dearth of job in today’s market, you might not find a job immediately after posting your resume. However, you should not lose hope, but wait for the right opportunity to come to your door. Stay in regular touch with the consultants in order to show your interest for the job. Accordingly, they will get back to you as soon as they find a suitable job offer for you. If possible, you can also submit your resume to multiple recruitment companies so that you get the best offers.

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The One Percent one of the leading Recruitment Process Outsourcing Company in USA, UK, India providing Best staffing and Human Resource Outsourcing services and solutions to all the Industries across the world.